Small Tree Watering Bag

Small Tree Watering Bag

Small tree watering bag This is a small tree watering bag with a 20-gallon slow-release PVC water bag for automatic tree drip irrigation

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small tree watering bag

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 15-  20 gallon




 PVC tarpaulin  

small tree watering bag description:

Wherever there is a garden, a sapling, a forest, you need this little tree watering bag, because it's really amazing.

This is a great time-saving and time-saving solution for watering trees. It only requires one watering bag and saves a lot of labor and time. When used with nutrients or chemical additives, trees can also grow faster.

Tree water bags are popular in European and USA , in most of the home, there is a garden, in the garden, there are small trees, plants, vegetables, fruit etc which all needs water. This water bags can help them drink water automaticlly in every minite. For example, one of the clients said to me that There are two young trees and two very old fruit trees in my backyard. It took me a long time to remember to water them adequately. This great product fills me with water and goes my way. And you get good results. The old tree bore many, many plums this year, and the new one bore its first fruit. Looking for more...


Small tree watering bag is packed with PE bag , 20pcs / 30 pcs in one carton, and in the top of the hole which allow water come in, there is a waterproof tag. This tag can be PVC, or other fabric, clients can print their own logo or company information. Welcome to order the small tree watering bag from Lohas Industrial Co Ltd.


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