Slow Release Tree Watering Bags

Slow Release Tree Watering Bags

slow release tree watering bags, 15 gallon to 25 gallon. automatic watering bag for trees

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slow release tree watering bags

Item no.



   15 gallon




 PVC tarpaulin  

slow release tree watering bags description:


  Features of drip irrigation bags

Hot side

Smooth edges prevent water from leaking from the edges and slow release of water

Strong handling


1.5 "wide shoulder strap has good bearing capacity. It's also convenient to move.



The filling opening is 3.8 inches wide and can be easily filled with a universal size hose, pipe or other suitable method.

Here are some of the more popular questions and answers about this drip bag.


Question: "without a hose, how do I fit it?"


A: pick up a 1-gallon container with a nozzle and fill the bag 15 times, or order a hose and fill the bag directly.


Question: how high are the bags? My tree grows branches twenty inches high. Are these bags too short?

Answer: hello, thank you for your question. These bags are about 32 inches.


What color is the inside of the bag?

A: black

Question: how big is the water bag for a tree?

A: it depends on how the branches grow. I had to use both bags because one of the branches was sticking out like an angel. They work well

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