Automatic Watering Tree Bag

Automatic Watering Tree Bag

This self watering tree bag produced by Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. can help plants and trees to drink their own water. Let's see how this automatic watering bag works. Fill the watering bags with water and then put it around the tree or plant or shrub, then turn on the on-off switch. Then water will come out from the bag to the earth.

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Product Details


self watering tree bag

Item no



 25 gallon 100L

Temperature Range:

-10 to 50 degree


UV protection PVC

self watering tree bag description

The self watering tree bag gives people a new word, which is really exciting and amazing.

We (two people with separate water hose) fill 14 self flowing tree bags in less than an hour, then use the water in the bag for about 5 to 6 hours to complete the dripping, the bag will be empty, and the tree root ball will stay wet for a long time. Now the weather is cold and humid. 

We water them once a week. Remember to add water when there is no water in the water bag. The tree root ball is well kept wet. 

The water bag acts as a funnel to collect rainwater and guide it to the bottom of the tree. These bags also prevent weeds and grass from entering the dripping area. We live on average and have a fairly low flow well, so the irrigation system is impossible. 

On the good side, you don't have to cut down any of the lower branches of the tree, or add weight to the tree so that it leans or falls to one side, compared to the "tree bag" around the trunk. Self flow tree bag is absolutely the best choice for long-term watering. 

The following are some advantages and disadvantages of self flow tree bags.

 Advantages: low profile; brown helps it mix with the color of the lid; drainage is quite fast (looks almost full after an hour or two, but must be empty the next morning without testing a specific amount of time); quality looks very good and durable. 

Disadvantage: if installed on a slope, the "emitter" should be located so that the bag drains only slightly more than half (depending, of course, on the severity of the slope).

Wait patiently and after some time, trees and plant will get enough water and grow up.

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