Garden Watering Bags

Garden Watering Bags

The tree bags are manufactured by lohas industrial co., LTD., but the sales are sold by the sales department, which is completely different from the production department. So when tree watering bags order comes, we need communicate with clients and production department for all the tree bags details. Especially, some OEM, ODM, and Customized products. We need to double check with them. So the qulity of our camping outdoor products are very nice.

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 garden watering bags

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  PE tarpaulin 

Garden watering bags for trees description 

garden watering bags  are manufactured by lohas industrial Co., Ltd., but the sales are sold by the sales department, which is completely different from the production department.


Our sales department usually has the following channels and steps in the process of selling gator watering bags. 


First of all, we will go to the fair. The fair our company used to go to was the Canton fair and Hong Kong fair. Take the tree bag to the exhibition and show it to all the guests. Someone is interested in the treegator watering bag. We will carefully introduce the information, function and price of the tree watering bag to the guests.


Secondly, we update the website to show the gator watering bags g from different angles on the website, and describe the tree bag from different key words, so that buyers who are really interested in the tree bag can find us.


Thirdly, we have accumulated a lot of new and old customers over the past ten years. Once we have a new product, we will inform the old customers and let them know about our new product. In addition, tree bag is a particularly popular garden products. Many reorders.


Finally, we will take the initiative to find new buyers. The whole sales team is divided according to the market area, and each team studies different markets to target purchasers who need gator watering bags in each market

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