Bush Watering Bag

Bush Watering Bag

bush watering bag is a Slow release irrigation bag for trees and shrubs. Shrubs are particularly vulnerable to water shortages in summer. At this time, a bush watering bag is needed to specially water the bush. We are a outdoor garden products company for more than 15 years. Welcome OEM, ODM.

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Product Details


bush watering bag

Item no



 15 gallon 75L

Temperature Range:

-10 to 50 degree


UV protection PVC

bush watering bag Description

Ideal for low branching trees and shrubs, with branches at least 6 inches above the ground. 

Suitable for trees or shrubs with a single or multiple trunk and a total diameter of 5 inches.

Dual PVC elbow emitters provide water for more than 5 to 8 hours. 

For most newly planted plants, they only need to be refilled every 5 to 7 days.

Deep water saturation promoted root growth and reduced transplanting and drought stress.

The maximum water capacity is about 15 gallons.

Traditional manual watering is too time-consuming and laborious. With this shrub irrigation bag, watering becomes particularly simple.

Just fill the bush water bag of the king with water, cover the water inlet, and put it on the root of the bush. The water will automatically flow out of the bush bag to water the bush.

bush watering bag large

bush watering bag 75L

watering bag brown

PVC water bag

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