Automatic Tree Watering Bag System

Automatic Tree Watering Bag System

Watering system for trees refers to a series of watering tool systems that can be used to water trees.These systems are not only able to water trees, but also have an internal relationship between these tools Each of these watering tools performs its own duties and does its best to water trees in its own field and within the scope of its ability, thus forming an irrigation system, a watering system.

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tree bag watering system

Item no



 32 gallon , 100gallon, 150 gallon etc

Temperature Range:

-10 to 50 degree


UV protection PVC, PE tarpaulin, PVC tarpaulin

Tree bag watering system description

So how these watering systems water trees?

1.the large green cylindrical collapsible rainwater bucket is used to hold water. The water can be the rain falling from the sky or the water can be collected from the tap. The water in the foldable rainwater bucket is used to irrigate the trees.

But how to use the water to water the trees slowly and automatically without people?

2. Now we need the automatic drip irrigation system tool to help. The automatic drip irrigation system is composed of a series of small water pipes and sprinklers, and an adjustable valve device is connected with the rain bucket and the drip irrigation system. 

Above 2 points are the major process of tree bag wtering systems work. With this tree bag watering system, plant and trees can drink enough water as ofen as they can. So they can grow up a big and good trees.

OEM, ODM is welcome.

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