20 Gallon Tree Watering Ring

20 Gallon Tree Watering Ring

Tree Watering Ring is a Extremely Sturdy PVC Planting Watering Bag for Tree and Shrubs. It is also a Basic Water Saving Slow Release Root Water System for Tree Drip Irrigation. The round tree ring is made of PVC and has a thickness of 0.45mm, which can ensure the firmness and stability of the tree bag.

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 20 Gallon Tree Watering Ring

Item no



 20 gallon 75L

Temperature Range:

-10 to 50 degree


UV protection PVC

20 Gallon Tree Watering Ring description

Moreover, the round shape of the tree bag is not sealed. Like an inflatable pillow, the tree or shrub can be surrounded directly, and then filled with water to directly irrigate the plants.

 If you have a new tree to water, the ring watering bag is your perfect product!

 This 20 Gallon Tree Watering Ring saves water, time and money, so you can enjoy the perfect time!

 The following are the features of the circular watering bag:

 1. Deep root watering

 2.20 gallon capacity

 3. Easy to use

 4. Reusable

 5. Upgrade the filler cap with locking cover, strong and durable UV resistant fabric and large filling opening, with internal locking device

 6. Endless benefits: economic choice, value for money, high quality


20 Gallon Tree Watering Ring

Watering Ring for trees

 Tree Watering bag hole

 Tree Water ring

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