Plant Hanging Bag

Plant Hanging Bag

Apartment, balcony, patio, campus, roof plant planting bag (72-green)

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plant hanging bag

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 36 pocket: Total dimensions: approximately 1 * 1m / 39.4 * 39.4 in

Signal bag size: about 15 * 15cm / 5.9 * 5.9 inches

72 pocket :Total dimensions: approximately 1 * 1m / 39.4 * 39.4 in

Signal bag size: about 12 * 10cm / 4.7 * 3.9 inches


 Green, black

Gross weight

 36 pocket   Weight: about 750 g

72 pocket  Weight: about 750 g

plant hanging bag Description


Home and garden decoration :36/72 pocket vertical garden pot is the ideal hanging pot for plants, flowers, herbs and succulents to transform any unused or ugly place into a vibrant, lush vertical garden with a comfortable green wall of greenery.

Superior design: waterproof, simple use of multiple vertical garden POTS to create your vertical wall garden or indoor or outdoor living wall, these pot metal holes/buttonholes make life vertical garden POTS quickly and easily suspended for planting.

Grow your own food: you can provide you and your family with salads, vegetables and herbs year-round within a few feet of floor space. By eating vertical garden foods at harvest time, you may be absorbing more nutrients than the fruits and vegetables you bring from the store.



suitable for any space, can be used as balcony flowerpot or large courtyard, apartment, patio, campus, community garden wall flowerpot, economical and practical, hanging on the wall, save space

Environmentally friendly recycled materials: our vertical garden wall planting USES super strong & soft bags, non-toxic and biodegradable, uv resistant, anti-corrosion, sunscreen oil, heat, bag-hanging plantation owners achieve a perfect combination of high water retention and stable slow-release irrigation to avoid water stagnation and keep your plants healthy

Suitable places :

There must be lots of plants that you want to plant, but there isn't enough space on the balcony or in the garden. This wall - mounted implant bag can help you solve this problem. It can be hung on handrails and walls, saving space. 

Suitable for family garden, balcony garden, home decoration, greening project, garden nursery production. No complex hydroponics or container stacking.

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