Portable Indoor Greenhouses

Portable Indoor Greenhouses

This portable indoor greenhouses have 2 different sizes and materials PVC and PE, it is big for 2-3 person walk into it. They are perfect indoor greenhouses which can grow lots of vegetables in winter.

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portable indoor greenhouses

Model No:



195x143x73cm/ 76.77x56.30x28.74";
 69x49x160cm/ 27.17x19.29x62.99"





Packing size



20/21kgs, 18/19kg

Portable indoor greenhouses description:

- Material: PVC
- Size: 195x143x73cm/ 76.77x56.30x28.74";
69x49x160cm/ 27.17x19.29x62.99"
Tube size: Φ16*0.30/0.32mm
Wire shelf: Φ1.8mm
Connector: PP in green color
Frame color: green coating
Cover: 130gPE

What can we grow in this portable indoor greenhouses?

Below are some information how to grow the vegetables.


 Start cucumber seeds in your greenhouse in late winter/early spring. The timing should be planned so they are ready to be transplanted once the outside temperature is consistently above 70F.


Like cucumbers, squash benefits from being started in the greenhouse so that as soon as it is warm enough outside, they can be transplanted. Without this additional growing time, many squash varieties won't have enough time to come to maturity in short-season locations.


This vegetable plant needs around 2 months to mature. Okra needs a soil temperature of at least 65F. In many cooler climates, there is not time enough in the regular season to grow okra since it can't be planted outside until late spring. Giving the seeds an early start in the greenhouse will provide a huge advantage.


Start seeds in mid-January – February so they will be ready for transplanting in the Spring. Aubergine have a long growing season and in some climates, there isn't enough time to grow them at all unless they get a headstart in the greenhouse.

portable greenhouses for winter (1)

portable greenhouses for winter (2)

portable greenhouses for winter (3)

portable greenhouses for winter (4)

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