Cold Frame Portable Greenhouses

Cold Frame Portable Greenhouses

Greenhouse gardening in winter is a very different experience from any other time of year. In a cool climate, you need to be very specific about what you plant and when you plant it. Generally speaking, in January and February, there is not much light or heat, so you may need to modify your greenhouse.

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cold frame portable greenhouses

Model No:



195x143x73cm/ 76.77x56.30x28.74";
 69x49x160cm/ 27.17x19.29x62.99"





Packing size



20/21kgs, 18/19kg

Cold frame portable greenhouses description:

- Material: PVC
- Size: 195x143x73cm/ 76.77x56.30x28.74";
69x49x160cm/ 27.17x19.29x62.99"
Tube size: Φ16*0.30/0.32mm
Wire shelf: Φ1.8mm
Connector: PP in green color
Frame color: green coating
Cover: 130gPE

What can we grow in this cold frame portable greenhouses?

 Cold frame portable greenhouses planting

 Vegetables To Start In The Greenhouse


Tomatoes are the number one vegetable grown in this cold frame portable greenhouses. The growing season for tomatoes is generally long and starting the seeds in the greenhouse gives them a head start they will benefit from greatly. Tomato seeds should be started in the greenhouse 4-6 weeks before they can be transplanted outside. They need night temperatures to be consistently over 55F. Monitor the temperature inside your greenhouse to make sure it is warm enough for the tomato plants. They need lots of light which means the greenhouse needs to be in a place with full sun or there needs to be supplemental lighting.


There are so many varieties of peppers, from bell peppers to all the hot varieties, and they all will do well in a greenhouse. They need nighttime temperatures above 55F. Peppers can be started inside the greenhouse and then transplanted outdoors. Alternately, they can also be grown all season inside the greenhouse if the temperature is kept high enough.

Early Peas

Start peas in late winter and they will be ready for planting in early spring. This gives them a huge head start over peas that are planted outside when the ground can be worked. You'll be the toast of the neighborhood with peas weeks before anyone else!

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