Uv Sterilization Lamp

Uv Sterilization Lamp

It is a UV Disinfection Lamp,a Remote Control UV Germicidal Lamp a Steriliser Light and a Ultraviolet UVC Ozone Disinfection 38W Sterilization for Home There are 15/30/60 minutes time selection on the remote control. When you set the time, the corresponding indicator on the lamp base will light up in blue. After setting the time, press the "switch" button to start the sterilization function, the germicidal lamp will begin to work after the blue light flashing for 10 seconds.

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How UV lamps work:
Ultraviolet (UV) light are pure physical cleaning. Using Ultraviolet to damages DNA inside the cells of an organism, eventually deactivating the function of each cell.

— Lamp Color: Blue
— Tube material: quartz ultraviolet tube
— Nominal voltage: 110-220 V.
— Power Rating: 38W
— UV Lamp: 253.7nm Wavelength
— Irradiation area: 40 square meters within
— Working time:15min/30min/60min
— Usage: remote control
Remote Control Included: Yes
Remote Battery Included: No
Battery Type: CR2025 *1 (Not Included)

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