KN95 Mask With Filter

KN95 Mask With Filter

How to wear a kn95 mask? First, cover the nose and mouth, and hang the earbands on the ears on both sides of the earcup; fix the nose bridge of the nose to the nose to prevent dirty air from entering; pull the mask to the jaw to create a three-dimensional breathing space. The best time to wear it is 8 hours. Note: Do not wash

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 KN95 Mask with Filter

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Non-woven fabrics  

Description of KN95 mask with breathing valve:

1. This is a KN95 mask with a breathing valve, which is very breathable and very practical for the elderly and children.

  2. The activated carbon inner layer in this mask can filter harmful gases or odors. With a filtration rate of 95% and a 360-degree three-dimensional breathing space, it provides you with dust protection.

3. KN95 mask with valve is made of high-quality materials, which is safe, soft, comfortable and reduces skin irritation.
4. High elastic rubber band, sweat-absorbent and not tight.
5. With hidden plastic nose, anti-fog, built in cartilage bridge, can be adjusted to avoid gaps and reduce the inhalation of harmful substances.
6. It is a KN95 grade mask, which can be folded thin, light and easy to use.

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