Disposable Face Mask

Disposable Face Mask

Recently, the new crown pneumonia is more serious, and Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. withdrew the disposable medical masks. The production process of this mask is strictly in accordance with the requirements of medical supplies. The factory we cooperate with is a country-designated manufacturer that has donated to Spain, Russia and South Korea for free. So the quality is very guaranteed,

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  Disposable Face Mask

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Non-woven fabrics + middle melt-blown fabric 

 The characteristics of disposable medical masks are as follows:

1. This mask is newly produced with guaranteed quality.

2. It is a disposable mask, do not use it repeatedly for many days.

3. The new blue disposable mask is very safe and breathable.

4. In special times, the new crown virus is severe, it is to provide some dust and anti-virus protection measures.

5. Very suitable for professional salon or family, outdoor, hospital and other public places!


Material: Non-woven

Size: about 17.3 cm x 9.3 cm

Package includes: 10Pcs / 30PCS / 50PCS / 100PCS mask

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3-Ply Antiviral Medical Mask machine.jpg

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