Children Face Mask

Children Face Mask

Children's masks must be the right size and the way they are worn must be correct for children's masks to be effective. The masks on the market are generally divided into two types, rectangular and cup-shaped.

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children face mask

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CE, FFP2, FDA etc.

A rectangular mask must have at least three layers of paper structure to have a protective effect. The user needs to press the wire on the mask against the bridge of the nose, and then spread the entire mask along the bridge of the nose in order to exert the effect.

Let the child wear a rectangular surgical mask because it has no fixed shape, and if it is properly tied, it can fit the child's face.

Cup-shaped masks must ensure that the masks have sufficient density after they are attached to the face, so that the air will not leak out when exhaled. When wearing a cup-shaped mask, cover the mask with both hands and try to blow air. Check whether there is air leakage from the edge of the mask. If the mask is not tight, you must readjust the position and then wear it.

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