Child Face Mask

Child Face Mask

Now more and more children can needs special care. During this special time, all people needs ware masks. But Children's face is much smaller than adult's. So they need special mask, called Children mask.

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child face mask

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cotton fabrics  



CE, FFP2, FDA etc.

 Child face Mask characteristics

1. anti- virus material, double-layer protection: the inner and outer layers of anti-virus and anti-bacterial high-tech filter materials are highly effective in anti-virus.


2. Activated carbon deodorization layer: highly effective adsorption of harmful gas molecules such as formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, automobile exhaust.


3. PM2.5 filter layer: filter in halable particles efficiently, meet and exceed the filtering level of GB2626-2006KN95, and the effective filtering is up to 99.8%.


4. Ergonomic nose clip design: ensure that the mask fits the face structure, the sealing is stronger, and the leakage rate is effectively reduced.

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