Waterproof Valuables Bag

Waterproof Valuables Bag

Waterproof bag, has many functions, can hold all kinds of valuables, can be waterproof, swimming, river tracing, boating and other water playing is also very practical. When you go out to play, how to store your valuables? Especially on watersides, beaches by the sea, riverbanks and other places where there is water. At this time, our waterproof valuable bag can be put into use. All your valuables, mobile phones, wallets, cameras, etc. are put into this waterproof bag, which is super convenient.

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waterproof valuables bag

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12L, 25L


500D PVC tarpaulin

MOQ200 pcs 

Waterproof Valuables Bag description:

There is also the feeling of another newly shipped guest.

So far, I have only used the drying bag once, so I don't have much experience with the product. I just knew I wanted to kayak with my daughter along the local river safely and dry, as the local rain and dam release flooded the river. This waterproof bag does it, and it's very sturdy. I was able to stuff everything I needed and had some leeway. Regarding size, this is a bit deceptive, because you roll the top so big, but I made a plan for it and it works well.

When traveling, large bags are very inconvenient to go out. With this waterproof bag for valuables, you use it several times a year on a boat trip. All items are packed in a waterproof bag, which can be carried on your body or carried by hand. I just came back from a trip. When we cross a small river, it does n’t matter if we put it in the water. The valuables will not be lost or wet.

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