Waterproof Travel Backpack Men

Waterproof Travel Backpack Men

This is a waterproof backpack that is very suitable for business travel. As long as one bag is in your hand, all your belongings, such as clothes, shoes, umbrella, wallet, laptop, camera, suit, etc. can be put in. Don’t worry about these items getting wet when it ’s raining, because the travel backpack is completely waterproof.

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Waterproof Travel Backpack Men

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   85x33x23cm, 80L





MOQ300 pcs , OEM, ODM is ok

Waterproof Travel Backpack Men Description

This waterproof hiking backpack can also hold many things: a shovel 80 cm metal detector needle knife, batteries and many other odds and ends.

The backpack is lined on the inside and nylon on the outside and is available in blue, green and black. The accessories are good, let's see how they perform their role. The handles are well sewn, there are enough pockets, and you can add other things, which is a benefit of backpack design. The backpack is very spacious. There is an extra compartment inside, such as a electrical products.

The waterproof men's backpack itself is light and looks cool. There is an internal rigid frame inside to keep the shape of the backpack. The seams are also very good, whether you are in sports or leisure activities, you can go out easily.

The design requirements for waterproof travel backpack men are as follows:

A. Stability requires first to determine a reasonable bearing point. According to the weight-bearing principle of the waterproof backpack, the waist socket above the coccyx is the main bearing point, the waist socket is connected to the top of the hips on both sides is the main stress area, and the shoulders are the areas to assist the force and master the balance. Good and reasonable load bearing fulcrum distribution.

I think that the three-point support is the most reasonable way of stress. The two fulcrums on the shoulder are arranged to avoid the horizontal swing (rotation) of the outdoor backpack, and the fulcrums on the waist and shoulder are arranged up and down to avoid the back and forth (rotation) of the camping backpack It is required to have as few fulcrums as possible, and at least three fulcrums are required for stability, so the load-bearing fulcrums carried by the travel backpack are preferably distributed at three points.

waterproof travel hiking backpack green

backpack 80L

waterproof travel backpack menmulti-funciton

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