Waterproof Flotation Bag

Waterproof Flotation Bag

Waterproof Flotation Bag is a outdoor swimming buoy, it can keep you safe in emergency time.

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waterproof Flotation Bag

 Item no.



   25*50 cm/9.84*19.69''




  Waterproof Bag




200 pcs 

waterproof Flotation Bag description:


waterproof Flotation Bag is a outdoor swimming buoy, it can keep you safe in emergency time.


 Material: environment-friendly PVC


Features of waterproof Flotation Bag :


1) super waterproof


2) lightweight and easy to use


3) swimming auxiliary rescue buoy


4) suitable for rafting, river, swimming, camping, sea surfing, diving, fishing, water parks, road trips and other outdoor activities


4. Dimensions: about 25*50 cm /9.84*19.69 "under aerated conditions


Preventive measures of inflatable Flotation Bag 


Before using this product, waterproof test should be carried out to check whether there is any damage, especially the sealing part and surrounding parts.

After each use, check the mouth and sealing parts to avoid strong impact and scratches. Do not use continuously at high temperatures.


If you need to take out the item, please wipe the water on the surface of the item and seal it to prevent the remaining water from entering the waterproof bag

 How to use the flotation bag:

Put the items away. Fold the opening of the bag three times on a hard plastic sheet, then buckle it.

Packing list:

1 outdoor swimming buoy

waterproof Flotation Bag PVC

waterproof Flotation Bag collapsible

waterproof Flotation Bag folding

waterproof Flotation Bag ocean

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