Waterproof Canvas Travel Backpack

Waterproof Canvas Travel Backpack

This waterproof canvas travel backpack is a kind of Men Big Travel Bag, a Canvas Hand Luggage ,a Unisex Waterproof Travel Bags and a Women Luggage Backpack With Shoe Pouch.

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waterproof canvas travel backpack

Item no.



Dia 28x28x56cm



MOQ300 pcs

Waterproof Canvas Travel Backpack description:

The inside of this waterproof backpack is separated from wet and dry, and there are different areas of wet and dry warehouse. Wet warehouses are waterproof and can hold wet items. Dry areas can be cleaned with laundry.

At the bottom of this waterproof backpack, you can put a suit without folding it, and hang it directly on a hanger to put it in, so that your suit is flat and not wrinkled.

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