Waterproof Bag With Zipper

Waterproof Bag With Zipper

Lohas Outdoor was founded by two outdoor enthusiasts who wanted to create innovative products to support their passion for exploration. In every fabric, every seam, every QQ behind, all bearing our unwavering spirit of adventure. Waterproof Bag With Zipper is made of TPU material which is very high quality material used for waterproof style products. This Waterproof bag with zipper can be have 20L, 30L, 40L, different size and colors to meet your different requirements.

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Product Details


waterproof bag with zipper

Item no.

WP020- zipper


 DIA 23X46CM, DIA 27X52CM, DIA 30X57CM


20L, 30L, 40L


 410g, 520g, 600g


 TPU + coating

MOQ300 pcs 

waterproof bag with zipper description


Features of this waterproof bag with zipper


Waterproof zipper: the waterproof zipper ensures that the waterproof bag is completely waterproof, so you don't have to worry about the contents getting wet even in stormy weather. Zipper is Ykk waterproof zipper. No any leak and water will not come inside. Totally waterproof.


Wet and dry separation package"

Small as it is, it looks like an amazing bottomless pit. 

And put a foodie girl from head to toe,

Need to use items, all into the storage! 

One word: steady!

"Multi-bag, dry and wet separation design"

 Clear, clean and sanitary,But more crucial is the effective planning of limited space: 

The inner compartments of the bag are varied and multi-bag design

Rare dry and wet separation bag + shoe space!

In addition to toiletries and clothes,

There are places for umbrellas, dirty clothes and shoes,

That's so sweet!

 Make the best use of the limited space and divide it into 4 areas

 Wet area

 Inner lining, first-class waterproof,

 A drop of water will hold even if you pour it in.

Dirty, wet clothes,

 Now that we have independent storage space, 

Completely isolated from clean, unused clothes 

Clean and sanitary

The grid area

It's very messy when you have a lot of things,

Fortunately, there were three little cells,

Can be carefully installed under the small things: mobile phone, charging treasure, sunglasses

And things that don't wear out,

Organized and organized,Save yourself the embarrassment of scrambling

 Dry area

 In addition to the clean replacement clothes,

 There's also a little secret zipper bag,

Can be used to store electronic equipment, documents, credit CARDS and other valuables

Strong, good load bearing"

A variety of back, a bag in hand, say go

This bag is also your right-hand man,

The back can be fixed directly to the lever box,

Spread the pressure and free your hands

waterproof bag with zipper (1)

waterproof bag with zipper (2)

waterproof bag with zipper (3)

waterproof bag with zipper (4)

waterproof bag with zipper (5)

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