Waterproof Bag For Kayaking

Waterproof Bag For Kayaking

This waterproof bag for kayaking combines the functions of buoy and waterproof bag common in the market. It's light weight, easy to carry and a good choice for traveling. Waterproof Bag For Kayaking is not only a waterproof bag, it is also a life buoy to keep your safe when swimming. It can also be used as water bags or water bucket.

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 waterproof bag for kayaking

 Item no.





 Orange, pink


  Waterproof flotation Bag




Nylon and PVC

 Use place

canoe,swimming,rafting,surfing,fishing ,seaside

MOQ200 pcs 

PVC Swimming Buoy Safety Float Air Waterproof Dry Bag Tow Float Swimming Inflatable Flotation Bag Drifting Backpack

Features of waterproof bag for kayaking:

1. Equipped with inflatable nozzle and independent air bag, it can quickly blow and release air.

2. As a swimming float, you can take a break from the buoyancy of the drift bag when you are weak or in other special circumstances.

3. Large capacity can be used for various personal belongings: it can be used for swimming, rafting and other sports.

4. Belt: easy to carry.

 Specifications of waterproof bag for kayaking:

Material: PVC

Color: orange , pink

Size :720 x370x10mm / 28.34 * 14.56 * 0.39"

Net weight: 600 g

Capacity: 25 l

PVC thickness: 0.35mm

Buoyancy :10 kg

The orange color is safe color ,since big fish are afraid of orange color. So  they may run away when seeing this orange waterproof bag for kayaking.

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