Waterproof Bag for Beach

Waterproof Bag for Beach

Outdoor dry bags will float safely if they fall into the water. But please note that it should not be completely submerged under water. Thank you very much!

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Waterproof bag for beach

Item no.



5L - 90L etc


Shoulder Straps Ocean Pack Waterproof Bag


0.4-1.5 kg


500D PVC Tarpaulin material

MOQ200 pcs 

Waterproof bag for beach Description
Outdoor waterproof dry bag - perfect for kayaking and other water activities! It is made of high-quality 500D PVC waterproof cloth that maximizes protection from water.
This waterproof bag effectively seals water and protects your essentials for swimming, diving, rafting, surfing!
Outdoor dry bag is the perfect accessory for any water sport and an ideal item for those adventurers who want to keep their property safe away from the water!
This waterproof bag with double detachable and adjustable shoulder straps is comfortable to carry and suitable for most body types. This bag is very strong when not in use. Simply folding and storing it doesn't take much space and is very convenient.

The feature of waterproof bag for beach is waterproof, strong and collapsible. It comes a very strong shoulder straps and buckles. 

When making this bags, all the material and color should be double confirmed with clients. and before bulk production, all the accessories should be inspected to make sure the waterproof bag is nice and no problem.

Beofore folding, it is big enough to hold lots of things, but when it is folded, it is small enough to put it into the pocket.

waterproof bag for beach buckles

waterproof bag for beach usage

waterproof bag for beach 5L

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