Small Waterproof Backpack

Small Waterproof Backpack

This is a small waterproof backpack, it is suitable for rafting, camping, camping, hiking, swimming, and other activities. It is an essential outdoor travel tool when you are traveling.

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small waterproof backpack

Item no.

WP008- 5L




PVC tarpaulin

MOQ200 pcs

Small Waterproof Backpack description:

It is a good waterproof product for outdoor travel, enough space to store your phone, money, sunglasses or EDC kit.

This mini waterproof backpack is really convenient. It works perfectly and nothing gets wet inside.

Waterproof small backpack can be used to store documents and gadgets in high quality bags, arrived on time and packed reasonably

This small waterproof bag is very good, durable and waterproof.

This small waterproof backpack is made of high-strength waterproof fabric and is durable. The main features are as follows:

1. With a buckle, it can be used as an accessory of the bag, and the shoulder strap, strap, etc. can be removed at any time.

2. It can hold small items such as wallet, compass, mobile phone.

3. When swimming, water tracing, boating and other activities, the items in the bag are well protected from getting wet.

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