Packable Waterproof Travel Backpack

Packable Waterproof Travel Backpack

What to do when I go camping? There is a packable waterproof backpack to help you solve the problem. It is a waterproof travel sports backpack, you can take it when travel, put all your sports clothes, shoes, pockets, camera, phone, ipad etc , no matter it is raining or sunshine, it is all ok.

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Packable Waterproof Travel Backpack

Item no.



   85x33x23cm, 80L





MOQ500 pcs, OEM, ODM is welcome

Packable Waterproof Travel Backpack description

This camping backpack, travel with a backpack, because backpacks are always found practical! This waterproof bag is super good, excellent quality and reasonable price!

The camping backpack is a backpack tailored for outdoor enthusiasts. There are compartments and warehouses everywhere, and the sealing performance is great.

  The capacity of this waterproof backpack is large enough, 80L can easily hold a week's luggage, and if you pack your luggage effectively, there is enough room for some extra stuff. When going on vacation, you can also bring a lot of gifts in your backpacks for family and friends.

What a fashionable it is! You deserve it .

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