Large Waterproof Travel Backpack

Large Waterproof Travel Backpack

It is a huge waterproof travel backpack, the size is dia28x28x56cm, about 35 Liters. The waterproof travel backpack is for men having business trip, travel outside, etc. It is leisure bag , you can take it for traveling. It is also a business bag,when you are in business traveling, just take it.

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large waterproof travel backpack

Item no.



Dia 28x28x56cm



MOQ300 pcs for ODM, OEM

Large waterproof travel backpack description:

This is a business casual travel bag. It can hold office supplies such as laptop computers, sports clothes, shoes, clothes, etc. You can also install some toiletries. All are separated by layers. And it won't be confused.

4 zip pockets, separate shoe pockets and detachable shoulder strap.

This waterproof backpack can still be used to pack the IPAD backpack. There is an area inside the zipper that can be used for IPAD, which is shockproof, waterproof and waterproof.

On the far side of the waterproof backpack is a shoe box with a zipper that can be opened to put a pair of sneakers inside.

The reason this travel backpack is called versatile is because it is really versatile. It can hold all kinds of personal belongings. You deserve it.

backpack side photo

waterproof travel laptop backpack

backpack zip

waterproof travel sports backpack

large waterproof travel backpackoutdoor

large waterproof travel backpack men

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