Inflatable Flotation Bag

Inflatable Flotation Bag

Features of inflatable floating bag: 1.- Lightweight and super lightweight. Ideal for standing surfing, diving and snorkeling. 2.-Built-in drying bag with large compartments to keep personal items dry, such as keys, ID cards, credit cards, money and phones. 3. High visibility swimming buoy safety buoy, can swim in orange rivers, lakes, oceans and seas, and has dual air chambers and handles to support different swimming postures.

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inflatable flotation bag

Item no.



25*50 cm/9.84*19.69''



MOQ300 pcs

Notification of inflatable flotation bag:

Before using this product, perform a water resistance test and check for damage, especially around the seals.

After each use, check the mouth and seals and avoid strong impacts and scratches. Do not use continuously at high temperatures.

If you need to remove items, wipe off the water on the surface and seal to prevent residual moisture from entering the waterproof bag after using water.

How to use this flotation bag:

Place the item, fold the opening of the bag on a rigid plastic plate three times, and then close it.

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