Water Container Hiking

Water Container Hiking

This water container hiking is used for outdoor picnic, it has two opening . The material is PE , non-toxic and harmless. , without bisphenol A (BPA) and food grade. Water Container Hiking is a kind of water carrier which used for camping, hiking, outdoor, picnic, travel.

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Product Details

Product name:

 water container hiking

Item No:



food grade PE


10L, 12L, 18L,24L



Temperature Range:

0-80 degree

water outlet:



pass SGS


Water container hiking instructions: The water container is made of PE, non-toxic and harmless. No bisphenol A (BPA) or food grade.

This tank is ideal for storing drinking water outdoors, camping, picnics or traveling.

Water container hiking has a large capacity for your choice. 10L, 12L, 18L, 24L. Here are some of the features of a water tank hike.

CONCLUSION: 1. The barrel contains no bisphenol a (bpa), and is made of polyethylene (PE), which has passed the certification of the safety standard of the State Drug Administration and is safe to use.

The new faucet can deliver water faster and smaller, and rotate 360 degrees.

3. PE material does not contain bisphenol A.

4. Humanized comfortable handle, 18L, 24L double control handle. Food-grade travel water tank, upgrade faucet, make water more smooth.

Folding water pipe - equipped with folding water pipe to facilitate water flow. 7. The diameter of the intake cap is very large, so it is convenient for you to clean every corner of the bucket.

Water container hiking is used in the following case and activities, such as camping, hiking, beach time, BBQ, picnic, travel, backpacking, climbing, etc.

Water container hiking can be hold fresh water due to its harmless, healthy PE material, it has pass the testing of BPA.

Water bucket has very big shape and folding pipe., the built-in folding hose, convienietn guide flow.

The opening mouth is very big enough to let adult's hands in, this makes the water bucket hiking easy to clean inside. And let water come into the inside from this big mouth.

The cover is blue and it comes with a very tight and strong rubber ring, this make the cover can be twist very tightly and no any leaks.

The outlet of water container hiking is at the bottom which can allow people to get water from it and it likes waterflow, and there is a on-off switch . When getting water, turn on the switch, when no need water, turn off the switch, the water speed can be controlled.

water container with tap folding pipe

water container with tap big opening

water container with tap client logo

water container with tap function

water container with tap large opening mouth

water container with tap rubber material

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