Temporary Potable Water Storage

Temporary Potable Water Storage

Resent years, temporary potable water storage popular stlye is the collapsible outdoor garden storage tank. It is one of the best-selling storage tank. This kind of storage tank can be folded, convenient, super large capacity, super small volume after folding, save transportation and storage cost, and very durable.

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Temporary Potable Water Storage

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500 gallon


PVC tarpaulin

Temporary Potable Water Storage description

Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd is a global solution to water storage problem.

Temporary potable water storage tank color is blue, red, green, etc. You can also customize the color or the size.

This folded water bag is a rectangle, which is quite large when filled with water. There are 2000 gallons, 1000 gallons, 500 gallons, 300 gallons and so on.

To fill the water tank, it takes an hour or two of simultaneous water from several faucets and connected pipes to fully fill the bucket. During the filling process, the flow should be slowed down, especially when the water is nearly full. Be careful not to overfill, or the water will spill and waste.

In case of need this kind of water storage tank, please remember to contact Lohas industrial co., LTD.

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