Large Collapsible Water Container

Large Collapsible Water Container

Large collapsible water containers are often used outdoors. For example, if a large group is going to have a picnic outside, it requires a lot of water. Wash your hands, cook, stir fry, drink water, and so on.

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large collapsible water container

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500 gallon


TPU/ PVC tarpaulin


Large collapsible water containers are often used outdoors. Such Picnic lunch, BBQ etc.

BBQ needs lots of fresh water and drinking water.

So where does all this water come from? Especially drinking water, which is hard to find outdoors.  A large collapsible water container made by Lohas Industrial co., LTD can hold large capaicity drinking water ,so you can use it freely and happily.

When you run out of water, simply fold up the large folding water container and place it in a small circular storage bag. Just put it in the trunk of an rv, station wagon, etc.

It's worth noting that if you run out of water in a folded water container, you won't use it for a long time. This is had better not fold first, put collapsible large water container outdoors air is dried, perhaps wipe with dry dishcloth directly the remaining moisture is dried, such be helpful to keep the clean and neat of large collapsible bucket, still can lengthen the life of collapsible outdoor bucket, increase the life that use.

When putting into receive bag, want gentle, do not use brute force, lest get zipper damage. If the zipper is damaged, it will not be able to protect the collapsible water container well, and will get dust and so on.

These are the advantages our flexible tank can provide.

Most of our water bags are round, square, or pillow shaped, and can be made into other shapes as needed.

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