Folding Water Storage Bag

Folding Water Storage Bag

This is a folding water storage bag which can hold drinking water.There are 6 holes at the edge of the water bag. This hole is covered with steel corns to allow stripes get through them. So taht water bag can be hold on or hang to the tree etc.

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Folding Water Storage Bag

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50 gallon



Folding Water Storage Bag description

Pillow water bags are special. It has one water income valve in the middle of the water bags. and outlet at the corner of the bag. At the edge of the hole water bags, there are several copper holes. These holes are allowed for users to hang it out when using the water bags. Also, the holes are good for make the goods steady when shipping .

The water bags are  army green color and made of TPU or PVC mesh fabric with a circular inlet in the middle. The inlet is hot pressed with a sealed switch. That switch is free to adjust the rate at which water comes out.

This can be used at the right time with the right water to drip plants and so on.

The collapsible water storage bag is perforated on all sides with copper buckles, and there are six holes in total. The purpose of this hole is to make it easy for people to hang the holes with ropes or other hooks to spray water from the air.

The other amazing thing about this collapsible water bag is that it comes with another long tube for water.


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