Foldable Water Containers

Foldable Water Containers

In some dry areas, it is not easy for plants to survive. Because generally speaking, the warm spring season is conducive to plant growth. But in places with extremely low temperature, such as in winter, how to water them during outdoor frost?

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Foldable Water Containers

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300 gallon


TPU/ PVC tarpaulin

Foldable Water Containers description

The foldable water containers produced by LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. can solve the problem of watering plants in cold and dry seasons.

Because of the special material of the collapsible cold water storage tanks, it can be used in extremely cold conditions. Whether it's cold water or hot water, there's no problem.

So, how to use this kind of foldable water containers? First, open the water containers, then connect the pipe, or directly take it under the faucet, then fill it with water, finally cover the big cover of the bucket, insert it with the buckle on the big cover, tighten the rope of the buckle, and firmly fix the cover on the water storage container.

With foldable water containers, plants no longer have to worry about having no water to drink.

It should be noted that the temperature of cold water should not be lower than - 10 ℃.

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