Sleeping Bag Zipper

Sleeping Bag Zipper

Goose Down material sleeping bag with zipper, very warm, superlight,good for camping and hiking. Sleeping Bag Zipper has very high quality zipper , YKK ZIPPER, and it is made of waterproof nylon outside , inside filling is goose down. This goose down material is quite warmer than common cotton. So if you need use it in very cold winter, choose this goose down material mummy sleeping bag zipper.

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Product Details


 sleeping bag zipper

Model No::



Goose Down





Lining Material:

Waterproof nylon



Suitable temperature:

0 to 12 degrees

sleeping bag ultralight description

  How to choose a warm and comfort sleeping bag with zipper?  

Warmth, or comfort, means the temperature at which you can sleep comfortably. This index is usually composed of three data points, one minimum temperature: the minimum temperature limit used by the sleeping bag, which is dangerous for the user. There's an intermediate temperature; The ideal temperature at which the sleeping bag is comfortable to use. The maximum temperature is the upper limit of the temperature range, above which the user will be unbearably hot. 

When selecting this metric, you can refer to the following steps:

1. Estimate the temperature at which you will camp. Although this number varies with the season and climate, most of the time, the average travel enthusiasts sleep between minus 7 degrees Celsius and above 7 degrees Celsius.

2. Adjust the above estimated temperature according to your personal preference and the specific situation you may face.

3. Choose sleeping bag according to the adjusted temperature and the warmth (comfort) provided by the manufacturer. It should be noted that since the standards of different manufacturers are not uniform, the values provided by manufacturers are only a reference, not absolutely applicable in all cases.


In addition, generally speaking, imported sleeping bags are not suitable for asians in terms of warmth, because europeans and americans have higher tolerance to cold than asians, so you should pay special attention to your choice. Of course, domestic sleeping bags specially designed for the Chinese market do not have this problem. P.S. when choosing a sleeping bag according to the temperature, it is best to choose the low temperature. This is because it is much easier to open the zipper of a sleeping bag and cool it properly than to get out of bed in the middle of the night with a cover.

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