Sleeping Bag With Pillow

Sleeping Bag With Pillow

Sleeping bag with pillow, winter backpack compression bag camping sleeping bag

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 sleeping bag with pillow

Model No::



 Shell: 190T polyester
Lining: Brushed fabric
Filling:   hollow fiber


(190+30) * 152cm  



Packing size

50 * 30cm / 19.7 * 11.8in (H * D)

Suitable temperature:

 -5℃ ~ 10℃ 

sleeping bag with pillow description

Sleeping bag with pillow is sleeping bag comes with pillow. It is suit for camping, outdoor, hiking etc activities.This sleeping bag with pillow is waterproof, can be used in spring, autumn and winter.

Usually, when we go out travel , sometimes we may meet some difficult situation.

If it's hard to find a place to stay in the middle of a forest, desert or other remote area, you can take a sleeping bag and tent with you and rest wherever you like.

So, when using a sleeping bag, it's best to pair it with a tent. It's perfect.

 How to choose sleeping bag.

If you are inclined to choose down, we have a few Suggestions. For example, if you are expecting extreme weather conditions (e.g. For another example, you will climb a mountain of 6000 meters in summer, and the temperature is estimated to be around -15 degrees. You can choose a sleeping bag with 1200G of velvet content and 80% of velvet content. Of course, the above Suggestions are for general reference only. In fact, the requirements for sleeping bags vary from person to person, depending on the metabolic efficiency of the body, sleeping conditions, and even what you eat before bed.

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