Mummy Sleeping Bag Lightweight

Mummy Sleeping Bag Lightweight

A down sleeping bag keeps warm by inflating the down to form an air layer. To provide plenty of room for the down jacket to expand, professional down bags are stitched together in three dimensions, that is, the lining and fabric are not stitched together directly, but connected by a stand.

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 mummy sleeping bag lightweight

Model No::



400g 90% white goose down


210x75cm, 220x85cm


910g, 930g

Lining Material:

210D 400T nylon


Black gray

Packing sizse

 16x35cm, 18x35cm

Mummy sleeping bag lightweight description

If you like adventurous outdoor activities, such as camping or hiking, you should buy yourself a sleeping bag. There's so much going on in this activity that it's almost impossible to find the right time to sleep. These are great sources of ultimate fun, but at the same time, it can be a nasty distraction if you still can't get a proper night's sleep.

Sleeping bags are great outdoor tools to prevent any form of fear associated with sleep. Girls love camping too? Or hiking. There are a lot of special girls' sleeping bags on the market.

So how can you sleep warmer? There are many external factors that can affect the performance of a sleeping bag. It's important to note that the sleeping bag itself does not generate heat; It effectively reduces the amount of heat your body loses. The following conditions will help you sleep warmer.

In the wild, windproof tents provide a warm sleeping environment. When choosing a campsite, avoid valley bottoms where cold air accumulates and avoid ridges or depressions that can withstand strong winds.

A good waterproof pad is an effective way to separate the sleeping bag from the cold, damp floor.

Keeping your sleeping bag dry is important to improve sleep quality. A sleeping bag absorbs water not primarily from the outside world, but from the human body, which is expelled during sleep even in extreme cold

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