Xxl Picnic Blanket

Xxl Picnic Blanket

This is a Oversized picnic and outdoor waterproof blanket for outdoor beach, hiking and camping on lawn waterproof and sandproof (green and blue stripes)

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 xxl picnic blanket

Item no



 made of three layers, 300 x 600 denier polyester fabric on the top,

sponge layer in middle and PVC bottom




 Dark blue


 500 pcs for ODM, OEM

xxl picnic blanket description


1. Oversize and folding:

giant picnic blanket measures a huge 80 * 60 ", can be easily adapted to six adults. Suitable for the whole family. Within seconds, the collapsible picnic blanket had shrunk to 12 by 7.5 inches, turning it into a lightweight, portable tote bag. The attached handle can carry breeze and picnic blanket to and from all your outdoor or indoor activities.

2. waterproof and Durable:

 it is made of three layers, 300 x 600 denier polyester fabric, sponge PVC bottom layer. The fabric is thick and strong, suitable for people of different weights. Unlike other brands, our soft cloth is sewn together with the waterproof layer to prevent slipping. This family picnic blanket is completely waterproof and sandproof on both sides, protecting you from sand, dirt, wet grass, and even just dirt in the campsite.

3. Easy cleaning:

our waterproof picnic blanket is not only completely machine washable, but also can wash clean wet rag. This material dries easily. If the stain is just from a drink, soak up the liquid with a paper towel until the surface is dry. If there are other stubborn stains on the cloth, please put it in a machine-washable place. Due to its heavy construction, it can also be simply cleaned down and let the air dry.

4. Multiple USES:

used as a beach mat, beach MATS, camping blankets, rv blankets, outdoor pet blanket, baby play mat, baby play mat, emergency blankets or folding beach blanket, FMEIRO picnic blanket under the support of waterproof is the best choice. Picnic blankets are widely used both indoors and outdoors, making them ideal for yoga, parks, beaches, sports events, football games, tailgate, concerts, hiking, family picnics, camping, Tours, stadiums and outdoor concerts.


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