Pocket Picnic Blanket

Pocket Picnic Blanket

This camping picnic mat is made of waterproof coated nylon cloth. It has a folding handle. Its ultra-light weight makes it especially easy to carry. This is a must for outdoor camping. It's really easy to use! The pockets of the coat and trousers can hold it completely. It's tiny!

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pocket picnic blanket

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 PA nylon





Description of pocket picnic blanket

A beautiful blanket. Suitable for two people sitting side by side. Sufficient for a baby changing station

It's in a small red bag attached to the mat (very thin material).

Suitable for accidental stopover on the beach

Comfortable rag. Folding into a bag takes up very little space. To put it in a bag, you can roll it up without folding at the seam.

Very comfortable and super small stretcher, easy to carry and occupy little space

 Camping blanket introduction:

The camping picnic blanket is made of waterproof coating nylon cloth. It has a folding handle. Its super light weight makes it particularly portable. This is a must for outdoor camping. It's really easy to use! This jacket and trousers pocket can hold it completely. It's small!

Used as a wet mat in camping. This product is soft and comfortable, novel and chic. Good quality and beautiful appearance.

Pocket picnic blanket

1. Small size, light weight, easy to carry after folding

2. Equipped with hand-held ribbon, easy to carry

3. Super soft fabric, dirty resistance

4. Waterproof polyethylene film is a good waterproof base cloth.

It has a wide range of uses:

1. Outdoor: used as picnic mat, beach mat, moisture-proof mat;

2. At home: used as crawling mat, game mat, children's sleep mat.

foldable pocket picnic mat

portable pocket picnic mat

large pocket picnic blanket

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