Flannel Picnic Blanket

Flannel Picnic Blanket

Outdoor picnic blanket waterproof panchromatic multifunctional folding waterproof blanket

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 flannel picnic blanket

Item no



 fleece / bottom waterproof PVC film


 59x71 inch


 Blue stripes

used for:


flannel picnic blanket description

Outdoor picnic blanket waterproof panchromatic multifunctional folding waterproof blanket

1. -- specification :59 inches * 71 inch.weight: 2.2 pounds. Suggested number :2-4. Made of flannel and waterproof PVC. Keep you and your family comfortable, dry and warm in all weather conditions. Let your friends have a wonderful vacation.

 2. -- special design: flannel front makes you feel soft and comfortable. The back is made of waterproof PVC, which is wear-resistant and waterproof and more effectively isolates the moisture on the ground, allowing you to enjoy the holiday in your heart.

 3. -- handle and exquisite Velcro design: the handle is designed with cross stitch, which makes the handle more durable and durable. At the same time, the handle is designed with Velcro, which is easy to use and can be folded, stored, disassembled and fixed.

 4. -- excellent design: we have a first-class design team, leading the most personalized and fashionable design, using high-quality Oxford cloth as the edge design, with smooth production and neat edges and corners. Maintain product quality and elegance.

 Cleaning and maintenance instructions

 1 -- if the blanket is stained with stubborn stains, gently wipe the back of the surface with warm water and mild soap.

 2 -- clean the bottom waterproof layer: wipe it clean with a dry or wet towel and keep it dry.

 Notes: according to the washing instructions, wash it and store it in a dry place. If there is peculiar smell in long-term storage, the effect is better to air it in the sunshine.


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