Beach Picnic Mat

Beach Picnic Mat

The beach mat has four stationary bags that press down on the blanket. These pockets were originally designed to hold sand, but they can also be used to hold personal items. This is an accessory that must be added to your beach!

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 beach picnic mat

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  nylon unti tear


  9 x 10 beach blanket fits 7 adults 



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   Picnic, outdoor , beach,  

beach picnic mat instructions

This beach picnic mat is so big that it's a surprise to spread it out. The following are some good design features:

1. Big! You can really get a lot of people to use it at the same time.

2. There is an integrated storage bag. After packaging, it's only as big as a mobile phone.

3. There is a separate bag for storing keys and other small things. 

4. Design of perfect stitching. There are two and three seams at the seam.

 5. Soft materials. It's light and strong. It's comfortable to lie on it. It feels like the material used in the camping hammock (it's a great product in itself).

 6. You can fill the bags in the corner with sand or other materials to avoid being blown away by the wind.

 7. The beach mattress dries quickly and can be used continuously even if it is wet for a few minutes.


This blanket is quite large, but it's very small. That's because the hammock is made of the same thin parachute material with six pockets outside, which can be filled with sand for weighing. Plus the smooth material ensured that I left most of the sand on the beach when I did. The blanket is easy to get wet, which is another problem for grass planting, but for sand, it means that it dries quickly after sitting on it in a wet bathing suit.

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