Beach Blanket With Sand Pockets

Beach Blanket With Sand Pockets

Beach blanket sand control oversized - 9x10ft beach mat sand free, compact, light weight, heat resistant and fast drying - beach gear travel friendly for hikes, festivals, picnics How to have fun at the beach? Take a beach blanket with sand pockets. It can hold sand in the pocket, or your mobile phone, our clothes, your small bags, your glasses and so on. You can sit and lie down to the beach blanket to enjoy the seaside fun,

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 beach blanket with sand pockets

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  9 x 10 beach blanket fits 7 adults 



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   Picnic, outdoor , beach, sand

Summer will come again. Swimming by the sea is an indispensable outdoor sport for seaside people. Imagine just coming out of the sea, wet and full of sand. How inconvenient it would be without a good beach mat!

Precautions for use

1.Don't let children bite with their teeth

2.Do not let sharp objects touch

3.Please note that the marks of oil pen or color pencil cannot be erased.

4.Keep product away from fire source and heat source

When you go out to the beach and play on the beach, the least outdoor product is the beach mat.

How to buy

1. The most important thing is to trust the brand and check the safety inspection report of the product. It must be noted here that the quality of camping mats varies in the market. When purchasing such products, you must check the safety certification.

2. Check whether there is a professional design team and whether the design has been repeatedly demonstrated.

3. A good cushion must be impeccable in every detail! Carefully check the workmanship of each part of the cushion, and the cushion with open line and blister is not a good product.

The beach mat is not only waterproof and sand proof, but also very light.

Lightness means that the beach mat is very light, about the weight of a mobile phone. Imagine that everyone carries a mobile phone every day, so this light beach mat is also very suitable for carrying.

Many people hate to take heavy luggage when they travel. It's also a big bag to go out for a picnic. It's very troublesome. The traditional mat is big and thick, and it's not easy to fold. It's troublesome to take it outside, isn't it?

Take our foldable light beach mat and have a try. You will be surprised.

If you have a large pocket, fold up the beach mat and hide it in your pocket. Convenient and easy.



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