Quick Camping Shower

Quick Camping Shower

Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. is an outdoor products factory with a history of 15 years. We have been focusing on providing various outdoor products for outdoor enthusiasts at home and abroad. The outdoor shower bag is one of the best-selling outdoor products. We have strict requirements and checks on a series of production processes from customized materials, design, to production, packaging, quality inspection, shipping, and after-sales. Customization is welcome. Advanced Elements Summer Shower, 20L with thermometer

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Product Details


 quick camping shower

Model No::





army green, blue



Temperature Range::

Up to 50 degree


Unfolding Size:50x47cm,Folding Size:30x10cm



high quality non-toxic and environmental friendly

MOQ300 pcs

quick camping shower  description

Quick camping shower can be used in outdoor, travel, hiking ,camping. It is made of PVC, 4 layers. 20L. 

Advantages: light weight, easy to operate 

Disadvantages: the nozzle is slippery and difficult to operate with wet hands


This is your standard, classic solar camping shower from advanced elements. You won't find any frills, bells, or whistles anywhere in the summer shower. You'll notice that this is a sturdy, four-layer bag that can go anywhere and takes up less space than when the oranges are compressed. With sizes ranging from 2.5 gallons to 10 gallons, you can find one that can be packed into your hiking backpack for cleaning without needing a lot of accessories. Its size is ideal for survival packs or bug bags, as it has only small moving parts and is low tech.

quick camping shower black adjust spray

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