Outdoor Portable Shower

Outdoor Portable Shower

Outdoor Camping Shower 12V Portable Shower Electric Pump Suitable For Bathing Car Wash Car Electric Shower Bag Set

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Product Details


outdoor portable shower


DC 12V

car washer:

pump pressure showers







Pipe length:

2 m/6.56ft

Line length:

5 m/16.4ft

Gross weight:


used for:

camping, car washing, shower, hiking, garden

outdoor portable shower description

 Prepare a bucket of water in advance (the water temperature should not exceed 45 degrees), put the pump into the bucket, and the power plug into the car, connected to the 12V cigarette lighter.

Adjust the nozzle height and hold the nozzle in place with the suction cup and hook attached to the product.

Then press the discharge switch at the bottom of the nozzle horizontally, and the pump switch to turn it on. Enjoy the different experience of camping shower

The utility model is simple to carry and widely used, such as outdoor car washing, shower, picnic and other convenient tools.

Direct 12V on-board power drive micro pump, suitable for driving outdoor camping shower, temporary bathing after sea swimming (special outdoor shower tent or dressing tent is recommended).

Outdoor camping shower 12V car electric shower bag set portable shower pump, suitable for outdoor bathing, car washing, cleaning, dog raising, plant watering

outdoor portable shower 2 meter hose

outdoor portable shower for garden irrigation

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