Thick Camping Mat

Thick Camping Mat

This is an inflatable outdoor camping mat. It is compact, light, comfortable, easy to carry, and inflates fast enough. The width is moderate, and the length in the inflated state is about 185 cm. You can use an inflatable bag or mouth to inflate it in 5 minutes.

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Product Details


 thick camping mat

Item no



   Nylon and TPU,waterproof


 183*51*3cm, 198*65*3cm

Gross weight

 L : 960g,  M: 700G



Delivery time

25 working days


With this thick outdoor cushion, you can not only fall asleep in nature, but also in the kitchen. Even lie down gently on the tiles.


The quality of this inflatable cushion is very good, high density, strong, suitable for night use. When not in use, you can release the air and then roll it up. The packaged size is the same as the mineral water bottle, and the weight is only 800g.

During the production of this inflatable cushion, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. once did a test. Two adults, two people weighing more than 150 kg, stood on the cushion without any problems. You can even stand on the side. Standing on the mat with such a weight, it is very soft and cannot feel the hardness of the floor.

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