Portable Air Mattress

Portable Air Mattress

This outdoor inflatable cushion is very easy to carry because it can be folded. When you want to use it, open the inflatable cushion and inflate it with an inflatable bag.

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 portable air mattress

Item no



  40D nylon +TPU


 195x59x6.5cm (76.8x23.2x2.6 inch)


 Blue, orange

Gross weight




Delivery time

20-45 working days

Portable inflatable air matrress description:

The inflatable bag is a bag similar to a waterproof bag, except that a valve that allows air to come out is installed at the bottom. Through this valve, air can enter the foldable Go inside the air cushion. So that this sleeping bag cushion can fill up quickly.

After being filled with air, the thickness of the sleeping pad can reach 7 cm, the whole person can stand on the side, and the 85 kg person has no problem on it.


This camping inflatable cushion is made of very high-quality materials TPU and nylon, which is very suitable for tall people.

Its style is compact and light.

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