Sandless Beach Mat

Sandless Beach Mat

Sandless beach mat is colorful and easy to take and very strong.Our European outdoor lovers like taking this mat tothe beach, park, grass or just use it at home for children play.

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Sandless beach mat

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2x2m, 1.3x1.8m, 2.5x2.5m etc

Why this sandless beach mat is so popular?

1.Sand free,Moisture and waterproof and foldable .
2. Nice outlook and strong. It have 2 different styles. one is for Asia or Africa, the other is for Europe and USA.

How to make this mat?

This sandless beach mat is made of HPDE material. HPDE material is anti-corrosive, resistant to dirt, high temperature and strong. It is usually used in the wind and sand-fixing forests in the desert. Made of new beach mats.

Therefore, this sand-proof beach mat is particularly suitable for use on the beach. It will leak from the mat to the beach automatically, keeping the mat clean.

The sand pad is fitted with D-shaped buckles at all four corners and the material is copper. Strong and strong, with ground nails to fix the sand.

If you need special materials, colors or logos, we can customize them as required. Welcome new and old guests to consult and purchase.

beach mat blue

beach mat big

beach mat foldable

beach mat 2 styles

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