Quick sand Beach Mat

Quick sand Beach Mat

Quick sand beach mat is a new sand free beach mat, it is waterproof, strong and foldable. A kind of warp knitting machine characterized by an Angle of more than 140° between the drawing direction of the fabric and the plane of the needle bar.

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Quicksand beach mat

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2x2m, 1.3x1.8m, 2.5x2.5m etc

130x180cm mat carton size::


200x200cm mat carton size::


Quicksand beach mat features:

1.Convenience: folding, folding volume is small, carry, where to open can sit on the ground and easy to clean, clean water can be rinsed.

2.Multi-function: used for protection and moisture-proof of the bottom of the tent, as well as picnic mat, poncho and water bag, it can be used for leisure and picnic travel.

3.High-grade: HPDE firm and durable, waterproof and sand proof.

4.Raschel warp knitting machine is used in the production process of anti-sand cushion.

Below is the detailed knitting information:

This kind of sand-proof pad is knitted by a warp knitting machine, which is characterized in that the angle between the tensile direction of the fabric and the plane of the needle bar is greater than 140 °. Commonly used for weaving curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, blankets, lace ribbons, women's underwear, fishing nets, cushions, bags and other warp-knitted fabrics with complex organizational structures. The loops are arranged vertically or along the warp direction and are made by the transfer of adjacent yarns. After this weaving, the sand control pad is very strong and stable.

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