Beach Mat Towel

Beach Mat Towel

Beach Mat Towel is a Tassel round beach towel blanket, a round tapestries, a round beach mat star pattern can be used as shawl, towel, cushion. Round shape beach mat towel with cotton soft material, give you a nice care and sweet skin touch feeling.

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 beach mat towel

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 59 inches


 White and black


Small bag

beach mat towel  description

The Beach Mat Towel shows that this beach mat towel is not only a beach towel, but also can be used as a beach mat, beach blanket, yoga mat and so on. It is not only a magnificent Mandala printed beach circular tapestry or circular beach blanket!

Dream Bohemian tapestry can even be used as a beautiful throw or Bohemian tapestry for your interior decoration.

Size problem: Super size is 5 feet (59 inches), which is large enough for two people to sit or one to lie down.

It's easy to carry because it's very light and takes very little space to fold and pack.

Superfine fibre towels with fringes on the outside. We have taken details of the fabric.

Compact, super thick, weighing 1.21 pounds (550 grams), soft and comfortable touch, fast drying, is the ideal choice for beach towels.

Soft enough to make beach towels, beach blankets, beach mats, tapestry beaches, beach picnic blankets, round beaches, beach turntables, Yoga towel mats, yoga blankets, circular yoga, camping blankets, tablecloths, bath towels, meditation, baby sleeping by the pool, chairs, wall hangings and shadows.

Hang it for a few minutes and you can use it again very quickly. The sand can't come in, it just falls down.

Soft cotton material like silk and warm coat to give you nice care and good feeling.

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