Beach Mat That Sand Falls Through

Beach Mat That Sand Falls Through

Sand-Free Outdoor Camping Mat –Water-Resistant and Anti-Fade Material, Military-Grade Construction – Multi Use Outdoor Blanket Beach Mat That Sand Falls Through is a sand free outdoor camping mat, a very nice anti sand picnic sand mat.

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 beach mat that sand falls through

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light blue, dark blue, orange etc


paper sheet, color box ,pe bag

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picnic, beach, seaside, outdoor , home

beach mat that sand falls through Description

This type of beach mat adopts UV stable anti-fading, fast drying speed, resistant to water and mildew. It features reinforced seams and a double reinforced, heavy duty Angle D ring that allows it to be quickly, easily, and safely attached to the ground, even in adverse conditions. This mat is perfect for true outdoorsmen who require durability and versatility in everything they have.


It serves as a floor mat for camping, backpacking, and skiing. It can also be used for picnics, camping and beach blankets. Whether it's protecting your camera while shooting outdoors or providing a sand-free mat for you and your friends at music, the initial mat will meet all your needs for years to come.


For your convenience, it is available in two colors and four sizes. 1.3x1.8m size is designed for 3 people and small tent applications. It's also great for going to the beach. The medium-sized 2x2 meter size can accommodate 5-6 people and larger tents. This is great for family and/or those who travel with friends. The large 2.5x2.5m is designed for 8-10 people, providing significant ground coverage and an impressive sand-free space for the larger camp.

What is HPDE material? This material is not the traditional silk, nylon, polyester and other fabrics, HDPE (high density polyethylene), English full name is high density polyphylene

HDPE is a kind of thermoplastic resin with high crystallinity and non polarity. The appearance of HDPE is milky white and translucent to a certain extent. PE has excellent resistance to most of the chemicals used in life and industry. Some kinds of chemicals can cause chemical corrosion,

For example, corrosive oxidants (concentrated nitric acid), aromatic hydrocarbons (xylene) and halogenated hydrocarbons (carbon tetrachloride). The polymer is non hygroscopic and has good water vapor resistance, and can be used for packaging purposes. HDPE has good electrical properties,

Especially the high dielectric strength of insulation makes it suitable for wire and cable. Medium to high molecular weight grade has excellent impact resistance at room temperature or even at - 40F low temperature. This material is woven by a round rope similar to Xixi, but this is not a real round rope. It is very smooth, very firm and strong, and has excellent waterproof performance.



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